The Bellota, best ham of the world


All the products of Le Comptoir El Sol are Handicrafts in Spain. José Maria has travelled to every region of his native country to select the best craftsmen, the best independent winemakers, in order to offer products of inimitable quality.
Ibérico de Bellota Ham is recognised as the best ham in the world due to its unbeatable flavour and aroma”.

Here are a few tips from Le Comptoir El Sol to help you enjoy tasting your Jamon Iberico Bellota.
For the tasting, it is best to follow a few simple but important rules:

Our Tips

★ Jamon should always be eaten at room temperature and never cold.

★ As cutting is an important part of the tasting process, it should be done just before serving.

★ Favour a fine cut of the shavings and a medium size.

★ For a tasty and smooth tasting, each piece should contain a little fat that will give it a fragrant taste that you will appreciate.



Cold meats, Tapas and Spanish Specialities, El Sol is the perfect place to meet up with friends, to eat tapas or a Paella with a good glass of wine.


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